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How Online Accounting Services Can Be A Game-changer Amidst The Australian Lockdown?

The COVID-19 pandemic has shattered the world economies and wiped away trillions of dollars from the global market. Plus, the unprecedented curfews and lockdown measures (enacted to contain the spread of the coronavirus) have resulted in supply chain disruptions and drastic economic fallout. As a result, many organizations are walking on a tightrope – where on one hand, the entrepreneurs have to ensure the safety of their workforce, while, on the other, they cannot ignore the accounting and compliance obligations.

In order to tackle such drastic challenges, ‘Online Accounting and Tax services’ can help the entrepreneurs to communicate, delegate, and monitor all work while ensuring the safety of their team. With the vision to improve the overall finances of your company and track the latest market trends, here we’ve compiled the list of the most promising bookkeeping and accounting services:

  • Bookkeeping and Accountancy Services: Amidst this contagion, it is imperative for small business owners to conduct a proper assessment of their revenues, debts, and fixed/ variable expenses. Such an assessment will provide a clear picture of where a company stands financially and thereby help the entrepreneurs to make informed decisions. For streamlining the financial architecture and keeping a tab on the company’s performance, the integrated suite of ‘Bookkeeping and Accountancy services’ covers these aspects:
    • Accurate Transaction processing can simplify the back-office operations such as accounts receivables, accounts payable, employee expense reports, invoice handling, debt management, and compliance.
    • Customized Cloud-based accounting software will allow the entrepreneur to track and analyze cash flows, credit structure, and other information related to key performance indicators (KPIs).
    • With the constant support of accounting professionals and software, entrepreneurs can easily close their accounts on time, reconcile the bank accounts, and make month-end entries accurately. Timely reconciliation will help the owners to crosscheck the financial reports, prepare for the year-end tax season, and get qualified for business survival programs.
  • Taxation Services: Meeting tax obligations is a critical element for any organization’s financial growth. However, amidst this coronavirus outbreak, many SMEs are facing problems in strategizing an effective yet suitable tax preparation model. To overcome such glitches, RSG Accountants provide services to the small business enterprises
  • Payroll services: Regulatory and Statutory compliance with employee payroll is crucial for running a business. An integrated suite of Payroll systems can help you to simplify the business specifications while enhancing the pay scale and taxation credibility. Designed to monitor and organize employee-related tasks properly, RSGs Payroll services can help the company in the following manner:
    • Create a payroll sheet and maintain monthly processing with master data.
    • Perform activities required for the collection and vetting of investment evidence at the end of FY.
    • Manage reimbursement against expenses, balance computation, financial reporting, analyzing documents, and processing the approval and claims requests.
    • Maintain online data related to salary structure, monthly pay-slips, attendance, leave status, modifying policies, and so on.
    • Prepare and get qualified for payroll tax refunds under the Victorian Economic survival package.


Economic crisis and lockdown-type situations not just hit the business drastically, but also create a catastrophic upheaval in the company’s future plans. Therefore, it is important to embrace tech disruptions at the earliest while navigating successfully through adverse twists and turns. In this regard, RSG’s online bookkeeping and accounting services can take charge of the most complex F&A functions while allowing the owner to focus on their core business operations. Additionally, our expert team of online accountants is always on the forefront to provide personalized services and quick turnaround strategies to the clients.

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